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Brand identities that put people in the right headspace

Crafting a brand experience and identity that captivates and converts the right clientele matters in the world of business.

I work alongside mindful businesses in the wellness and lifestyle sector to create brand experiences that reflect what you truly stand, tell your story, and give you the confidence to sell in a competitive space. 

Simplicity in one area allows for detail in another.

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Tell your story with depth & style.

Designing a luxury wellness and lifestyle brand that cuts through the noise, needs depth, style, and a compelling story to leave an unshakeable first impression.

I offer bespoke brand identity solutions and craft online experiences that reflect what matters most to you and your audience, giving you the confidence to charge what you’re worth with grace and style.

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Branding Services

Captivate and convert with my bespoke brand design packages. Designed to add depth, style, and story to your business. 

Atelier days

Brand strategy sessions designed to help you refine your vision for your wellness business.

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Downloads, guides, and curated images designed to help you design, plan, and launch your brand.

The Brand Spa

Semi-custom brands to workbooks – All designed for big dreamers with small budgets. – Coming soon!

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Jewellery & Fashion Brands

Interior Designers

Health & Mindset Coaches


Boutique Hotels & Resorts

Brand Photographers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Branding alone typically takes between 3-4 weeks. Branding with website design takes a minimum of 6 weeks. To learn more about my process please request my Media Kit.

A graphic designer is someone who takes a creative brief from brands and designs visual assets based on an already established visual style and guidelines, for marketing, print, and digital purposes. They can also design logos using a brief set out by a brand designer, client, or agency. 

A brand designer is someone who specialises in branding specifically, offering both strategic and creative solutions with set goals in mind, and has expertise in brand positioning and the storytelling of a business. They work to define and refine the head, heart, and soul of what makes a business unique and well-loved. A brand designer’s aim is to establish a strong position in a market space and design a unique brand experience. 

Even though it can be a costly investment a strong brand will almost always save you time and money in the long run. Although I would also say it’s entirely dependent on you and your financial situation. If you’re a start-up and can budget for bespoke branding then I would almost always say yes do it. But make sure you find a designer that’s right for you your business. A good brand designer will work closely with you to position your business. It will help you get more out of your marketing efforts and stand out from the rest of your competition.

Brand strategy is a long-term plan designed to position your business where it needs to be. It’s about establishing both short/long terms business goals to help you achieve success, by defining and refining (what I like to call) the 4 Vs of branding: values, vision, voice and visuals.

Unfortunately no. I believe I’d be offering a disservice by only offering logo design as a single service, as your business will not reach its goals with just a logo. However, if my bespoke services are a little outside your budget, I do offer semi-custom branding solutions, exclusively in my Brand Spa.

Visit the brand spa

A 50% deposit is required at the beining of the project. Then the remaining amount is split into two final payments. (50% – 25% – 25%).

Yes, if you don’t need everything listed in my full branding and website packages, I’m more than happy to jump on a call and chat through a more bespoke offer.

When booking your project with me please keep in mind I have 1-2 month lead time. If you would like to join my waitlist please fill out my contact form and I’ll be in touch with my earliest availability.

Due to the nature of work I charge by time. I always make sure we have an initial call to ensure we’d make a good fit. I would also hope that you have a good idea of the style of work I produce based off my PORTFOLIO of work 

Absolutely! Upon final payment and at end of the project I will send you a ‘Transfer of ownership’ document which declares you the sole owner of the designs.

Absolutely! many of my clients are based all over the world, USA, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Spain, and many more!