It takes more than just a logo and a few Instagram pics to create an impact and open wallets these days.

I Believe Brands Have The Power to Inspire & Motivate People to Live Healthier, Happier Lives.

Don’t Underestimate The Power of Branding. It Will Be The First Thing People Experience And The Last Thing They’ll Remember About Your Business.

Whether you’re new to the entrepreneurial club or a long-standing member you got something special to share and I’m here to help you do that.

For a long time, you’ve been the go-to guru for helping people live happier healthier lives, and rightly so, you’re bloomin’ great at it.

Your clients love you, they keep coming back for more and you keep delivering, and around and around we go.  But that’s just it, around, not onwards and upwards.

As a pro you know it’s time to take your business identity seriously. It’s time to kick it up a notch, start looking the bee’s knees, recruiting higher quality fans & followers, and start charging with you’re worth without the need to hustle every day. Trust me it’s easy when your brand looks and sounds amazing!

Kate Male Brand Designer
“A lifestyle brand has the ability to influence communities to lead happier, healthier lives and design has the power to do that.”
why lifestyle & sustainability?

I have been a life long advocate for leading a lifestyle that prioritises well-being & sustainability, whilst also appreciating the positive power and influence brands can have on promoting and guiding people be part of a strong community, built on trust and empowerment.

Now more than ever people are turning to brands for guidance and lifestyle brands are at the forefront of positive change. They have the ability to influence people to take action and inspire communities to lead healthier, happier lifestyles no matter age, gender or background.

Many live in a state of excessive consumption whether that be media, products or services which can create stress and unbalance in life. I want to use my expertise and experience to build brands that promote balance and are community-driven. Helping both my clients and their audience cut through the noise of modern life. A brands responsibility is not to sell but instead guide, gesture and support peoples lives, through experiences, expectations and results.

my core values

health & well-being

Strategy paired with good design can be used as a force for change and make lives better for all. A brands vision will inspire and motivate, forging communities that advocate health, happiness and sustainable living.



My main aim is to empower my clients to be the best they can be for both people and the environment. I want to encourage excitement by designing brands that advocate sustainable lifestyles. I deliver identities that people feel that speaks to them and becomes a driving force behind their actions.


design deeply

I strive to understand the root of the problem and its wider context so I can tackle the cause, not the symptom. With a strong strategic framework, I’m able to build brands that stand the test of time and stand for something.

the role of strategy & design together

head - problem solving

The ability to visualise and conceptualise the intangible.


heart - people focused

The passion and curiosity to design solutions that are aligned to the right for people and inspire and motivate them to live happier, healthier lives through creating brands that are loved.


hands - practical skills

The technical abilities to enable the end goal to be reached.

kind words

"Kate really took the time to listen and learn about my business and what makes it unique. Now, not only do I have a beautiful brand that has a strong personality, but people also understand my business better!"

Victoria Neal. // Sustainable Living Coach


"As soon as Kate finished my re-brand I was able to successfully raise my prices to match my new look. I since have managed to take my business to a whole new level and finally own a brand that gives me confidence."

Tara K. // Florist

Branding & Print Design

Kate was a pleasure to work with. She came up with some fabulous ideas with very little input from me! she always delivered on time and we've had some fantastic feedback from our clients around our new branding and website. I would most definitely recommend her and her team.

Jan H. // Recruitment Specialist

Branding & Web Design

Kate has been instrumental in helping us develop and promote our brand across a range of channels. From initial strategies through to implementing new processes she has been both supportive and motivated in helping the team get up to speed.

Andy W. // Senior Recruitment Consultant

Branding & Social Media Management

"Kate just seems to 'get it'. She was able to take some fluffy ideas scribbled on a napkin and turn them into something beyond my imagination. Now I use her for all my design needs. A Star!"

Niamh G. // Freelance sports Journalist

Web Design

It's fantastic what Kate has done for my Business! I was a little lost in how to position myself in the market but she was able to take my business to the next level and produce a brand that I love and one which makes me stand out! Thank you so much Kate!

Lynn M. // Salon Owner


Kate designed my business cards for Fortner Fine Art! Very creative!

Stephen F. // Fine Art Dealer

Business Card Design

Capture the depth, emotion & style of your business
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