Kate Male

Kate Male

Graphic Designer & Creative Strategist

Hello, I’m Kate and I’m dedicated to helping entrepreneurs flaunt what they’ve got! I don’t just design nice things to look at; that’s what art galleries are for. I make sure every piece of design I create for my clients aligns to their core business objectives, speaks to their audience and looks good in the process.

My passion for health & wellness stems from my childhood; with a father who was a professional bodybuilder and a mother who was a health and fitness instructor; both who owned their own gym in London. 

I grew up understanding that nutrition and fitness need to be part of life and the vital role it plays in our health and wellbeing. I run my very own successful blog (Balanced Grub) dedicated to gut health. 

By being a highly successful designer who converts businesses into irresistible wellness brands, driven by your business goals and deliver effective results that get you noticed I’m on a mission to raise the bar of the health and wellness industry and I want you to do it with me!

I have international clients in Canada, New York, Dubai and Spain helping them raise the bar of health & wellness. I want to share everything I have learnt from growing a successful blog and being an international brand strategist so you can grow your own health & wellness business.

Let’s build you a business that ups the ante and set new standards as a health & wellness expert!

“Graphic design without strategy is just art. Creative Strategy gives direction to a business.”

My Values

My Mission

I have worked with many entrepreneurs; some who were at the very beginning of their journey as business owners, and are full of start-up energy to those who are running well-established health businesses and are teeming with ambitious ideas to take their business to the next level!

I absolutely love what I do and take great pride in making my clients look, sound and feel confident in their business just like they do for their clients. I always aim to position them as ‘the best’ in their respective markets, making them irresistible to their audience by really honing in on their what their business stands for.

My 360 approach to Business & Design

Big expensive agencies often use a tactical approach rather than a strategic one. This means that if you ask for a new website you will receive a something pretty and attractive, but maybe lacking cohesion with your business goals. Without a strategy behind it that’s all it is, just ‘pretty’.

Many business owners struggle to have a 360 view of ‘why’ they need a new logo, website or be active on social media. They know the milestones they need to reach but they don’t know ‘why’ they need it or ‘how’ to get there?

I work to a strong strategic framework that my clients can apply to all aspects of their business for years to come. I help them better understand their ‘why, who, what and how’. Because if they clearly know the answers to these questions then their marketing efforts will become more effective, their branding will stand out, they’ll have more confidence in owning their market. As a result, their audience will move heaven and earth to purchase/work with them.

I listen first...

I’ve always lived by the notion of listening closely. I’ve always been happy to lend my ear to many of my clients’ business concerns over the years and I believe this has offered me an valuble insighet into delivering design work that drives a businesses growth. I offer my clients the oportunity to make more money and more time… they’ve already nailed the health part!

I understand how much effort goes into running a business, making it successful and trying to have a family life in between. I believe running a business should be fun, exciting and stress-free. Trust me, it’s more than acheivable!

Impeccable Design

Whether you’ve got a small or big budget, making sure you get your branding right will encourage people to take you seriously from the get-go. I design impeccably timeless and memorable websites, brands and print material that are irresistible to your audience and something you can be proud of.

Making that investment in your image reaps great, long-lasting results and can take your business to new levels of success.

Tea or Coffee


My favourite coffee is from Almeria, Spain, from a little shop owner in the local Pueblo near my families home. I have stocks full of it here in London. He also makes his own coffee chocolate from the beans!

Zombie movie or Rom Com

Zombie, Aliens, ghosts... anything in the horror catagory

I'm one of those weird people that loves to be scared! My favourite scary movie is Aliens. I don't think it's that scary I just love 80's!

Introvert or Extrovert


That doesn't mean to say I'm shy and quiet. I love a good chat and enjoy listening to people! I love spending time with friends and family and I also love quiet me time too!

A little Fact About Me...

Prior to 3 and a bit years ago, I had lived in Thailand for nearly 10 years. My Fiancé landed a job in Bangkok, so we packed up and hauled what little belongings we had across the globe. I had no idea what I was going to do but I plucked up the courage try my hand at freelancing.

I had no idea how I was going to do it as I couldn’t speak Thai, but I made it my priority to build relationships and it all worked out! The best years of my life so far!

Clients I've Worked With

Happy Clients

It's fantastic what Kate has done for my Business! I was a little lost in how to position myself in the market but she was able to take my business to the next level and produce a brand that I love and one which makes me stand out! Thank you so much Kate!

Lynn M. // Salon Owner


Kate was a pleasure to work with. She came up with some fabulous ideas with very little input from me! she always delivered on time and we've had some fantastic feedback from our clients around our new branding and website. I would most definitely recommend her and her team.

Jan H. // Recruitment Specialist

Branding & Web Design

I am so excited to have Kate work on my website. She is my go-to for all of my design work it's always better to continue going to a one-stop-shop. She knows my brand better than anyone I have tried. Highly Recommended!

Tara K. // Florist

Branding & Print Design

Kate has been instrumental in helping us develop and promote our brand across a range of channels. From initial strategies through to implementing new processes she has been both supportive and motivated in helping the team get up to speed.

Andy W. // Senior Recruitment Consultant

Branding & Social Media Management

Kate is a wonderful designer to work with. She is someone who listened to my requests and created a great image to go with some rather fluffy ideas. Highly recommended."

Niamh G. // Freelance sports Journalist

Web Design

Kate designed my business cards for Fortner Fine Art! Very creative!

Stephen F. // Fine Art Dealer

Business Card Design