Captivate & Convert

Brand Consultancy

for beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands

My brand consultancy days are designed to take the guesswork out of what your business truly needs to become a well-loved brand that captivates and converts the right people for your business, so you can grow with confidence and style.

As an mindful and grounded entrepreneur you need clarity from the get-go

Whether you own a beauty brand, yoga studio, or therapy business, you stand for more than what you sell. By discovering what you truly need as a mindful business, and getting clear on your ‘who’, ‘what’, and ‘why’,  you can eliminate the hard sell. Instead, I will work closely with you to define, refine and align your business and give you the tools you need to build a brand people can’t help but talk about.

Does this sound familiar?

"My goodness Kate's sessions are like business therapy! Thank you so much for helping me understand how my brand should be showing up to the party."

-Claire Causton, personal Image stylist

Who's it for...

Personal brands

Who want to discover the mystery of attracting a more profitable client... consistently.

Small businesses

That want to nail their message and can confidently communicate their story.


Who want build brand awareness in the wellness, lifestyle or beauty industry.

Those looking to pivot

If you've been in business for a number of years already and are looking to kick things up a notch, but not sure how, then this is perfect for you.

Perfect for...

Cosmetic & Beauty


Luxury Lifestyle Brands



Jewelry & Fashion Brands

Interior Designers

Health & Mindset Coaches





Boutique Hotels & Resorts

Brand Photographers

Lifestyle Influencers

"Gosh if only I found Kate sooner! I highly recommend Kate's brand clarity sessions for anyone stuck in a rut with what their brand needs to stand out and be seen!"

Charlotte T., Organic Skincare Expert

What's covered

Goal Setting

Well define and refine what you currently have and where your brands at.

Areas to improve

I provide my professional recommendations related to areas I feel you need to improve on in your branding.

Establishing your brand personality

Turning your business into a loveble/likable brand.

Refining your Brand values

Discover what you stand for and connect with your audience.

Creative Brainstorming

Think of me as your personal art department for a day and uncover creative solutions.

Suggested Brand visuals

This does not include design. This will be written suggestions included in the final Brand Clarity Document.


This is often the heardest aspect of building brand awareness

Brand Clarity PDF

Outlining everything discussed in our session together (including competitor analysis).

Resources, tools, & contacts

You'll have access to what I use to craft incredible brands for my clients in the wellness, beauty, and lifestyle space!

Nailing your niche

Learn exactly who your speaking too, their pain points, and their dreams.

Please note

This does not include any design time. My Brand Clarity Sessions are included in my Signature Branding Package, if you would like design as part of the service please visit my services page.

How it works...

A sneak peek into our day together

Before we even set a date, I’ll ask you to fill out a questionnaire to help me better understand if I can help and if this clarity session is right for you. 

Kate Male Brand Designer

Morning kickoff

We’ll kick off by getting to know each other over a cup of tea or coffee! 

How to Turn Your Home Office Into A Sanctuary

Goal setting

We’ll have a chat about your stuggles and what you’d like to achieve from both the session and your business. 

Kate Male Brand Designer

Refine & Define

This is where we’ll work together to establish the core pillars of your brand and how to better position you and claim your space in your sector.

Brand Consultancy

Actionable steps

We’ll finish our session with a roundup of all that we’ve worked on together. I’ll also follow up with an email of any recomendions/things you can action straight away. 

The finer details


A Full Day

 Mon-Fri / 9am-5pm




In and around the London area or Via Zoom.

Have more questions?

What my clients say...

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I'm Interested, but not sure just yet...

That’s no problem, I understand it can be a big leap. While you decide I can send you some tips and advice for branding your business in the meantime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not quite! I don’t advise on your business model or pricing structure. This is a 1:1 session where I will help you position your brand online and advise you on how to attract the right people for you and charge what you’re worth.

The Brand Clarity Document is the head, heart, and soul of your business. It will outline everything in our session:

  • Core values
  • Goals and vision
  • Tone of voice
  • Brand thesaurus
  • Brand positioning
  • Crafting your story/narrative
  • Finding your niche
  • Audience alignment
  • Competitor analysis

Once you have filled out the form below I’ll be in touch to discuss your session and find a date, time and location that best works for you.

Of course! Once you have completed our initial Brand Clarity Session follow-up sessions can be purchased at£65ph.

Yes! I actually offer a 20% discount on my branding and website packages for anyone who has purchased a Brand Clarity Session with me.

Payment is required upfront as you’d receive full access to my resources, workbook, and playbooks. 

Before we even set a date, I’ll ask you to fill out a questionnaire to help me better understand if we’re a good fit and if this clarity session is right for you. 

Yes, this is something I can help with. Just let me know if this is something you may be struggling with prior to our meeting.

Unfortunately not. Due to the nature of the content provided and downloads I can’t offer refunds.

By the end of our day together you already feel, inspired and motivated to get out there and start putting what we’ve discussed into action.

I offer a calm and considered approach to building a brand and business, not a hard and fast one. But I promise you if you follow my advice and action plan I guarantee you’ll see results!

Remember slow and steady wins the race 🙂