Brand Styling

What if, instead of trying to fit in, you gave your business the opportunity to stand out? A strong brand should last you for years to come and grow with your business. Whether your a new member to the ‘business ownership’ club and have just opened up shop or you’re already an established player looking to overhaul your companies look, you both have the same desire to standout and make a statement. If that’s true then it’s time to get your brand right.

“Cookie cutters are for baking not branding” 


During this discovery phase it gives me the opportunity dig deep to identifying misaligned aspects of your current branding. With your help I'll delve into the core values, voice and uniqueness of your brand. From this point I’ll draft a blueprint for your new brand's direction.


I'll create an identity that embodies your intended messaging. I’ll create a tag line that states the purpose of your business, reinforced by an about statement that further defines the vision and positioning of the brand.


From logo to fonts and patterns to imagery, all of these aspects are what make a strong band and helps you stand out from the crowd. It helps you to tell your story, values and mission. These elements will be used across your marketing and connect to your audience.


You brand is now at a stage that is polished and ready to be rolled out and stand centre stage. Many of my clients choose to have a launch party to show off their new look to their current customers and new. From this point on you take the reins and are in full control of your company's ability to be an effective marketing tool and watch your business grow.

wedding Branding
Perfect for those who want to add a special touch to their wedding and want to design a day to remember.
- Wedding Logo
- Colour palette
- Wedding Stationary
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the business
Everything you need to get your business off the ground, clarify your offer and move forward with a strong, consistent brand message.
- Bespoke Logo
- Brand styling
- Business stationary
- Social media page design
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The entrepreneur
Grow your brand, build your online presence and ensure you stand out from the competition. Make your mark in your industry.
- Bespoke Logo
- Brand Styling
- Business stationary
- 4 page web design

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Do I need a brand?

Ever shopped at a place because of the tone, look and feel of a company? You shop there because you feel they share the same values as you and they understand what you want. You trust them to part with your hard-earned cash… Well, that’s the affect of good branding.

  • Understand your ideal customers in depth
  • Build your company’s personality (tone of voice, look and feel) to entice your target audience
  • Grow your social following resulting in more leads
  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Create consistency across your marketing platforms to build trust
  • Generate more sales
  • Get people excited about what you have to offer
Stop trying to fit in and start standing out