How to change your Zoom Background image

How To Change Your Zoom Background Image

So you’ve had to pivot your business by locking the studio doors (temporarily) on your fitness studio and quickly set up and start offering your classes remotely via Zoom. For many of my clients out there it has been quite a steep learning curve but they are slowly getting into the groove of life again and clients seem pretty happy. To jazz up your classes and avoid having to hide the laundry basket or the spare bedroom wallpaper here’s how to change your Zoom background image.

How to Change My Zoom Background Image

  1. Click on the little arrow next to your video icon

How to change your Zoom Background

2. Select the option > Virtual Video Background

How to change your Zoom Background

3. You are now in the settings menu. Make sure the two boxes at the bottom are unchecked and click on the + icon above the background box > Add Image (files will be in your download folder)

How to change your Zoom Background

Now your ready to do your thing!

Want some new backgrounds to play with?

For some, there have been some embarrassing moments of other halves “accidentally”walking across the laptop screen in nothing but a towel or forgetting that the laundry pile is still in plain sight… Eek! We’re only human right? So to help you guys out and bring a little tranquillity to your new-found set-up I’ve designed 2 FREE beautifully modern and calming Zoom backgrounds to get you started for either your yoga class, fitness studio or coaching sessions. I’m also offering a Zoom Background Bundle your logo applied to promote your brand for just £10!

Just click the link below to download them and then follow the above steps

Zoom Backgrounds for fitness and yoga classes


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