The importance of seasonal branding for small businesses

Seasonal Stories – The Importance of Seasonal Branding for Content Creation

Welcome to the first installment of the Seasonal Stories series.  A place where I get to share my passion for the seasons and the magic each one brings. I will show you how to celebrate the spirit of each season and effectively capture them throughout the year in your branding.

If you’ve worked with me in the past or followed me on Instagram, you know how important strategy is to any successful and sustainable business. This is why seasonal branding is so important when it comes to keeping you memorable and in the spotlight.

I intend to share my top tips, tools, and tricks to help you successfully dress your brand for each season in individual posts (The first being Autumn). But before we delve into the spirit of each season, I think its best I give the reasons why seasonal branding is important and what it can actually do for your business, and how to do it whilst still staying true to your own brand identity.

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What is seasonal branding?

First and foremost this is not a complete brand overhaul/rebrand. My goodness, that would be extremely time-intensive and expensive if you had to do that every season. Instead, think of it like a sprinkling of pumpkin spice in autumn or a splash of zest in summer.  It’s a matter of aligning your current brand identity to match the mood of the season and its holidays.

Why you should create seasonal content for your brand

When I talk about capturing the essence of what a business stands for I’m referring to the heart and soul of what makes a brand loveable and its values. Seasons are a great way to evoke emotions, experiences, and excitement across your brand’s touchpoints such as your website, socials, leaflets, shop window, etc.

Many brands celebrate the seasons to cater to consumer trends such as M&S with their winter foodie moments or John Lewis Ads for Christmas, yet all the while putting their own style spin on it (Christmas doesn’t have to consist of wreaths and Father Christmas). Think about the values of what each of the seasons stands for not necessarily what represents them. No matter how small your business is, your brand deserves to celebrate in the same big way, and this is why:

It’s great for SEO! The key to a successful brand is to be consistent and relevant. People will continuously search for terms related to the seasons and this is your opportunity to share your take.

Increase profits

Build brand loyalty with the right people

It shows your audience you are a reactive & creative brand that thinks ahead.

It strengthens your core brand identity

People love seasons! One brand that celebrates the seasons well is Starbucks through their drinks. Now, many people feel Autumn hasn’t officially begun until the release of their Pumpkin Spiced Latte or Christmas hasn’t started until the launch of their winter cups.

How to adapt your own brand to the seasons

Each season has its own distinctive personality. Summer brands have a whimsically sophisticated spirit about them, while spring brands are full of newfound energy and confidence.

These traits are portrayed through the heart, and soul of your brand’s values, tone of voice, colour palette, typography, patterns/textures, and brand photography. Each element working harmoniously to create a memorable experience.

For Example. The essence of your brand may represent summer’s personality traits through the romantic way you write your marketing copy, the soft hues of your colour palette, and your bright crisp brand photography.  (Laura Ashley would be considered a summer Brand.)

So, what are the key elements we can get creative with when it comes to dressing our brand to match the seasons, yet still accurately represent the heart and soul of your small business? Simply put, how can your brand adapt to the seasons?

Theme your content

They always say content is king and when it comes to celebrating the seasons your marking is what will drive traffic to your site and give you a boost in your SEO. Get as creative as you like this. For example, you could write a blog post on the best way to use your product during the colder/warmer months, or if you run a service-based business what are some issues your clients will encounter during that season.

When it comes so social media, you could hold challenges (Note: Always consider whether the personality of your brand will actually be seen/expected to hold a challenge. Is it appropriate for your business), tips, tools, insights or BTS (Behind the Scenes) content, but remember it should always stay on brand and relevant to your business.

Launch/promote a product or service

If your business is a lifestyle brand, show your audience how inspired you were by the season and think up something that’s going to make them feel excited about what you have to offer. If you’re a serviced based business think about what people’s struggles are during specific times of the year, how can a service you offer make them feel better and promote that?

Introduce seasonal colours

Like I mentioned before, I don’t recommend changing your brand’s colour palette. Instead, a great way to have fun with the season’s colours is through photography. Use seasonal props in your photography, and if its warm months use cool crisp tones to create a sense of energy, and use warm tones in colder months to create a sense of coziness. Someone who is great at this is Hiral Jethwa I absolutely love her work and she is a true pro at capturing the heart and soul of a brand.

Tone of voice

When I design brands for my clients we always make sure to have a popular character in mind. If your brand were to have a real voice and body, who would they sound like? What would they dress like? Would your brand speak with a hint of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s for an air of elegance or have a touch of Bridget Jones for a lovable and relatability persona. How would these characters respond to the changing seasons? This will make your life so much easier when it comes to writing copy that connects with your audience too.

Diptique Rose Candle Illustration

Excite the senses

Your brand is an experience of your stories and magic. As humans, we want to feel good. We surround ourselves with things that help us achieve that and if the experience was enjoyable we go back for more.

If you own a shop or client facing the office you can use smell to leave a lasting impression. Our sense of smell is the most sensitive of all our senses? Using scents that trigger nostalgia or that gives people a sense of excitement when it comes to the seasons will leave an experience to be remembered.

Creating a sensory experience using visuals (sight), tone of voice (sound), sent (smell) and the quality of your printed collateral for example (touch), will create an overall essence of the seasons and keep people coming back for more.

To Summerise…

  • Always stay true to your brand values
  • You do not need to rebrand for each season!
  • Take a calm and considered approach to your business and branding. Plan slowly and intentionally.
  • Always ask your self “Is this appropriate for my brand and my audience?” There are many ways to approach a season (elegant, quirky, girly, sexy etc.) but what’s right for you?
  • Have fun. Always

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