What Does It Mean To Be A Health & Fitness Brand Right Now?

In my last article Health Is The New Wealth | The Future Of Health, Fitness & Wellness I noted that the health, fitness and wellness industry is worth around 4.2 trillion (US dollars) globally and has no indication of slowing down. However, before the pandemic, it was forecast that by 2022 the average consumer could spend approximately £487 per head annually on wellness alone. Phew! That’s quite a bit. But has all that changed since the pandemic and what does that mean for lifestyle and fitness brands? 

Now more than ever people are making wiser choices when it comes to parting with their cash. Rather than opting for national/global brands, avid health and fitness enthusiasts are opting to support small local businesses. From PTs pivoting their business to online, greengrocers/market vendors offering fruit and veg subscription boxes and sustainable lifestyle brands shipping their goods from online stores. The need to stay happy and healthy is still thriving. I’m going to shed some light on what it means to be a health & fitness brand right now and how to inspire and motivate to build a tribe.

Building a Community

Working out from home is doable but not always desirable for most. Major brands such as Peloton, Les Mills and The Body Coach have all made it easy for people to maintain their fitness by using Instagram or Zoom. This has even offered people the opportunity to try classes they wouldn’t necessarily have tried in the past, so what does this mean for gym owners and PTs? The truth is fitness is all about community as well as health. I work with many yoga instructors, PTs, nutritionists and rehabilitation practitioners, who just before lockdown had the same question “Should I continue to offer X and how should I do it?”. My answer was YES you should and this is a great opportunity to increase brand awareness.

Let’s face it a squat is a squat, the cobra pose is still the cobra pose and nutritional information is no new science, in other words, you’re not a revolutionary nor are you reinventing the wheel here (or a squat in this case)! People are looking to be part of a tribe and aspire to a lifestyle they dream of. Just like consumers choose between Nike or Reebok, people choose you because you stand for something more than what you promise as the end result (a tight body or have more energy).

Kelsey Wells Lifting Weights
Kesley Wells Lifting Weights

For example, I know how to lift weights and have done so for years; growing up both parents were professional bodybuilders who owned their own gym in London, so there’s not much I don’t know. But I hate planning workouts. I could scroll the internet and find a ton of workouts that work for me, but I don’t instead, I use the Sweat App, a) Partly for convince, but mostly b) for Kelsey Wells. Why? Because (to me) she rocks! She looks great, her story resonated with me, she’s empowering, a realist and let’s face I aspire to live her life! I too am a realist and know that’s never likely to happen but I feel like I’m part of her tribe of badass #womenwholiftheavy! That ladies and gentlemen is a good brand. She knows her audience and she genuinely shows compassion and guidance.

How do you inspire & motivate?

Be honest, share your values, be open and have fun! No matter how small (or big) your following is, celebrate it! Chat to the people you that follow you and always aim to inspire them. I wrote an article The Ultimate Core Brand Values for Lifestyle Brands to get you started.

Branding is not about the colour palette of your website or your logo. Your brand should clearly communicate what you stand for and a strong brand knows what’s important to the right people. We all want to feel like we are part of something bigger and you have a chance to inspire and motive people to live happier healthier lives. Sell a lifestyle, not a program or package.

So whether you’re a PT, yoga instructor, nutritionist or [insert any title here], build your tribe, be brave and make it your aim to inspire motive and empower people to live happier healthier lives by building a brand that captures what you stand for!

When to offer FREE?

I want to make this clear, do FREE the right way. I see so many of my clients offer free classes either on Zoom or Instagram without asking for something in return and it pains me! Free doesn’t pay the bills. Your brand is valuable and offering services away for free just devalues your brand if not done correctly. It’s fine to offer a free taster class but follow that up with the intent/call to action, asking people to subscribe or sign-up to your full programme. Make sure you get something in return, trust me it’s not sneaky or dishonest it’s business and the truth is people will respect you for it. I’m often dubious of 100% free things as it’s often a watered-down version of the real thing so just be honest up-front and don’t be afraid to ask.

To summarise…

  • The health & fitness industry is still thriving
  • Make sure you know what’s important your audience
  • Sell a healthy, happy lifestyle people can aspire to
  • Know your values
  • Offer free strategically

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