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Why Brand Identity Matters More Than You Think For Your Nutrition Business in 2020

Whether you specialise in sports nutrition, weight management or nutrition for optimum health, it can be a struggle to attract and communicate to your ideal audience.

When someone walks into your clinic they’ve taken a big step in acknowledging a problem they have been living with and that now is the time to talk to an expert and get it sorted once and for all. But before they walk into your clinic what was their deciding factor to work with you? Was it your beautifully clean, sleek website and professional looking logo? Was it the testimonials they read on Google? Or was it the last post you published on Facebook that reassured them that you understand their problem better than anyone? These are just a few of the touchpoint of a strong brand but the key to building any successful nutrition business is to build trust among your potential clients.

nutrition stationery
A beautiful brand I designed for a Nutrition clinic – Stationery Package

What A Strong Brand Can Do For Your Nutrition Business?

Your message needs to be consistent; you need to know who you’re talking to and you need to stand out among the noise to best position your business and own more of your market space. This is where having an irresistible brand is priceless.

A strong brand will… 


Make you look professional

Charge more for your services 

Establish yourself as ‘the’ expert in your marketReduces competition 
Align your values with your audienceBuilds trust 
Shine a spotlight on your strengthsBuilds credibility 
Keep your business focused & consistentCreating a fan base not just followers 
Promotes your messageNo need for the hard sell 
Supports your marketingYour marketing becomes more effective 
Creates strong emotions with your audience

People will move heaven and earth to work with you 

People want to feel part of a tribe when it comes nutrition and fitness. They want to know that they are not alone in their journey to optimal health and that their values matter. Your brand needs to be that pivoting point for them 

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