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12 Reflective Questions That’ll Take Your Lifestyle Business to The Next Level

It’s not too late to get planning for 2020!

If you’re in the game of running a health & wellness business you know how to guide your clients on setting goals and encouraging them to nourish and nurture their bodies, but how do you nourish and nurture your business into a healthy and wealthy one? I’m going to show you my top 12 questions that I use every week to help me grow my business.

I apply the same principles of maintaining my business as I maintain my health. I dedicate time to nurturing it with what it needs it by listening and refelcting. I make sure to stay focused and consistent on what matters yet always ensure it’s in balance with other aspects of my life. At the end of every year, I try and reflect back on the previous one to figure out what worked and what didn’t. This always helps me to see the path ahead by knowing what I need to do more of and what I should avoid with a barge pole! So here are my top 12 questions to help you get focused for the year ahead and take your business to another level.

12 Growth Worthy Questions

  1. Was my business memorable? Did people recognise my brand?
  2. What positive feedback did I receive about?
  3. More importantly, what negative feedback did I receive? (How can I learn from this?)
  4. Where is my brand positioned among all my competitors?
  5. Which areas of my business do I need to improve on to become irresistible to my ideal audience?
  6. Was my identity consistent across all touchpoints of my business? 
  7. Did I gain a clear understanding of my target audience and what they want?
  8. Which social platforms did I see the most engagement/action on?
  9. Which posts worked super well? What should I post more of?
  10. When did I feel most exhausted and drained last year? (How can I avoid that again?)
  11. Did I stay true to my business plan?
  12. What did I say ‘yes’ to that I wish I said ‘no’ to?

To keep your business and brand on point throughout the year you could ask yourself these questions at the end of every month to see what worked and what didn’t. The last Friday of every month works form as this is my ‘admin’ day where I catch up on invoices and paperwork.

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