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How & Why You Should Be Offering Nutritional Advice as a Personal Trainer in the UK

It’s never too late to get stuck into setting goals for your business and planning the year ahead and the good news is this year is set for people to be their healthiest and happiest ever!

If you haven’t done so already, I highly recommend working through my 12 reflective questions to help you determine what worked and what didn’t for your business in the year just gone. Once you know what worked and what didn’t, it’s time to get to grips with what trends are going to hit the fitness and wellness industry this year and how you can get ahead of the curve!

Trends for Fitness in 2020

Last month Forbes published an article with the top trends set to hit the wellness industry in 2020. People, more than ever, are opting for all in one, home-based fitness routines where they have 24/7 support and can do it anytime at anywhere. They want programs and apps that tailor to their lives offering minimal effort (on their part) and will save them time. The truth is, to achieve optimal health and fitness we all know it takes dedication, commitment, time and money. As a personal trainer, you’re considered a luxury service which many believe they can’t afford. So how do you position yourself against the apps that offer at-home fitness, bespoke meal plans and around the clock community support in 2020? The keyword is ‘value’ and to give value, you need to tap into your niché audience by knowing what makes them tick and raising the bar in terms of the services you offer. This is where nutrition is one to add to the books!

Bridging the Gap Between Nutrition & Fitness

If you’re looking to up your game this year and want more charge more for your services, you need to be positioning yourself not just as a fitness expert but a health lifestyle expert. That means offering more than what someone can get from an at home app or YouTube video. Your services can still focus heavily on fitness but the trick is to balance that out with advanced nutritional advice too.

In the UK, the title of ‘nutritionist’ is free for anyone to call themselves and not a protected term according to the UK government website ( this is why it can be a real struggle finding credible nutrition). However, titles like ‘registered nutritionist’, ‘dietician’ and ‘registered dietician’ are safeguarded and have restrictions as to who can use them. So, if you are a PT and you have adequate knowledge of nutrition, you can call yourself a nutritionist. But be aware that the information you handout falls within the boundaries of what’s considered safe. You have to be aware of any underlying health issues such as diabetes or heart disease etc. and what is safe to promote. Here are a few sites to help:


Forge strong relationships with other health professionals

If you’re not comfortable offering nutritional advice (or it just doesn’t interest you enough) then now’s the time to forge partnerships with other health professionals. Now more than ever health practitioners are working under the same roof offering a complete one-stop-shop health experience to their clients.

One of my branding clients who was a personal trainer rebranded herself as an all-in-one. She built close working relationships with other top freelance health professionals in her local area and offered their services under her business’s name (obviously there was an agreement in place but it worked for both parties). She started by building her business online where her clients could book PT sessions and then she offered them exclusive offers to book a one-to-one later that week with a registered nutritionist. Before the initial consultation, she would inform the nutritionist of the client’s goals and training program ahead of the consultation and collaborate on the best way forward and offer a hyper-personalised programme. She later went on to open her own Lifestyle centre with a fully equipped gym and the centre offers nutrition-based services, physiotherapy and meditation workshops all under one roof.

Online Nutrition Courses in the UK to up your game in 2020

Gateway Workshops (Diploma)

As far online courses go these guys are great if you are looking to level-up! They won’t cost you an arm and a leg (for just £365). You can learn to your schedule and you’ll be provided with manuals, videos and tutor guidance. Definitely, a first choice if you want to learn how to offer nutritional advice!

Future Fit Training (Diploma)

If you’re looking for a career in fitness this place is a great starting point. But they also offer nutritional courses that are designed by renowned nutritionists and offer flexible payment options to suit your needs and allows you to learn at your own pace.

British Nutrition Foundation

Well recognised as a registered charity, BNF is focused on providing impartial evidence-based nutritional information and training. The course is recognised by major accreditors in the UK too.

Most community colleges offer some online diploma course so check them out too.

Final Word

The forecast is set to look like the health & fitness industry is continuing to skyrocket! However, we may see a slight shift in the focus and mindset of the consumer with regards to the health, fitness & wellness industry rebranding by moving away from buzzwords like ‘holistic’ and ‘alternative therapy’ to reinvent itself as a lifestyle that represents wealth in health. Why? It’s all thanks the the athleisure brands such as Lululemon, Fabletics and Fendi.

Making sure you have a strong well-positioned brand both online and offline will do most of the leg work when it comes to positioning yourself ahead of the tech apps. The truth is people still need that special someone to shout ‘2 more reps!’ right! 😉


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