Logo Design

Many business owners (including designers) often ask the question, ‘Do I/you like it?’. Even though aesthetics play an import role a better question to ask would be ‘Doesn’t it work?’. A logo should be strong, timeless and confident. It needs to communicate professionalism and trust among potential clients.

Whether you’re a startup and don’t have a logo as of yet or you’re a business looking to give your current design a bit of a spruce without all the bells and whistles of a brand identity this, is for you.

“Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.” – Oscar Wilde


It's an element of your brand but is shouldn't be your whole brand. It allows potential and current clients to quickly recognise your business and give them confidence and initiate trust to choose you over your competitors.


If you're a startup you may be toing and froing on a name for your business! Or you maybe you're on the hunt for a strapline to deliver your message. If that's the case, then I will help guide you to a name that suits you and speaks to your target audience. Now more than ever company owners are really getting creative with their brands and they're not afraid to show their personalities off.


In a nutshell design is creative problem solving. However I take a more holistic approach rather than just solving the primary problem of needing a logo I also delve into secondary concerns such as; How the logo will be used? Where it will be used? And what other elements will be interacting with it?


I understand that explaining what you want your logo to look like or what you want it to achieve can be a daunting task. I will help you design a logo that; best fits the needs of your business, represents your personality, help you to stand out from the crowd and communicate confidence and professionalism within your industry.

Stop trying to fit in and start standing out