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Pick n Mix Font Favorites Vol.1


Free Fonts Vol.1

When most people are online shopping for loungewear from Asos, I’m scrolling the web and spending most of my earnings on organic coffee and fonts, (yep it’s all about the little wins in life). But I was thinking the other day, I come across a lot of amazing free fonts that I need to share with you. So in this post I’m going to share my obsession with the fonts I love this month and hopefully, by the end of it, you will be like a kid in a candy shop just like me!

modern free fonts

Font Name: Canvas

Why I love it!: This is a really feminine font with high contrast and minimal vibes.

Who it would work great for: This style of font would work great for beauty/fashion brands

Pair with: A modern and minimal font (sans Serif)

modern free fonts

Font Name: Berton 

Why I love it!: I’m a big fan of semi-serif fonts. They are on the cusp of attending in the design world have a minimalist-chic look.

Who it would work great for: A brand that understands that simple can often speak louder than words.

Pair with: A classic serif font.


modern free fonts

Font Name: Nevoclara

Why I love it!: I’m lover of typography that plays with the relationship of letters in its family and this one tick’s all the boxes.

Who it would work great for: When a brand stands for modern elegance and luxury.

Pair with: A condensed san serif font.

modern free fonts

Font Name: Butler Stencil

Why I love it!: I don’t why but I think if G.I Jane were to embody a typeface this would be it.

Who it would work great for: Personal trainers who inspire through strength & femininity.

Pair with: A simple sans serif font

So there you have it my favourite fonts Vol.1!

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