About The Project

Nectar was a pop up art gallery/restaurant rolled into one situated within Bangkok’s art capital of Sathon. The venue was exclusive to invitees only, who could explore new comers within the world of art, fashion and jewellery. The client required a website to be an extension of the venue and needed to reflect the opulence and exclusivity through it’s visual design. The site was also to be used as an events planner and therefore advertise up and coming events with easy to read information.

The Result

The winning concept for the identity uses imagery from the select artists showcased at the venue and photography of the restaurant. This created a site that was visually appealing, resourceful and was able to intrigue enough to have people request an invite. From the success of the project, it was showcases in various high profile magazines across the capital and reached 120% (ROI).

The Details

Services: Branding & Web design   | Year: 2011   | Software: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop & InDesign


colour palette

Élan vital

(The Brand's Vision)
brand board
Luxury Logo Design
Brand Mark
Brand Pattern
brand pattern
brand pattern

Brand Assets

Business Cards
business card design
Web Design
web design
web design

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