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Kate Male Brand Designer
Kate Male | Brand designer and creative director for beauty and wellness brands

From one visionary to another...

I’m here for the feel-good, look-good, do-good businesses that are purpose-driven. For visionaries who want to redefine their space and look the part while doing it. I am here to capture what they stand for through beautifully timeless design that tells their story through distinctive and iconic branding.

Asian escapes to crafting visual ones

I was very lucky to have the opportunity to have access to explore my passion for both art and beauty from a young age. So it was only natural for me to marry both my love of design with the wellness world.

Fastforward a few years I graduated from University with a degree in Graphic Design, where I met my Husband. After graduating I worked at a small design studio in Surrey until he landed a marketing position in Thailand, so together we packed up and moved to the other side of the world. 

It was most definitely a culture shock, but it was an opportunity for me to make new friends who would introduce me to the world of Asian beauty and wellness, and oh my goodness it was another world entirely!

Spas are on another level and even to this day, I’m struggling to relive similar experiences to those I had living in Thailand. 

This is where I knew I wanted to refine my skills as a brand designer and visually define the beauty and wellness industry and create these ‘visual escapes’ to put people in the right head space.

Nostalgic at heart

I think most creatives are nostalgic romanticists. We live in our heads and seek to capture emotion and memories through what we see. 

I live and breathe to inspire and motivate others to live a happier healthier life through design and aim to create impeccable and significant brand experiences that connect, captivate and convert.

My dream client list

Cosmetic & Beauty


Luxury Lifestyle Brands



Jewelry & Fashion Brands

Interior Designers

Health & Mindset Coaches

Boutique Spas, Hotels & Resorts

Brand Photographers

Lifestyle Influencers

I'm all about

Matcha + meditation

Morning Ritual

Skincare rituals

Evening ritual

Walking my dog + yoga

How I move

Tokyo at Sunset

Dream vacation

Haram Saunas

Current Obsession

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