Welcome, I'm Kate,
Brand designer & strategist for feel-good businesses

Kate Male Brand Identity Designer
Kate Male Brand Designer

From one big dreamer to another...

Whether you’re a wellness lifestyle entrepreneur or a beauty brand, I’m pretty sure you’re a visionary who’s out to tell your story with depth, and style. My passion/obsession for feel-good, do-good brands led me to follow a career in crafting both online and offline experiences that put each passerby into the right mindset, keeping them talking, and coming back for more.

feel good, do good

My dream client list

Cosmetic & Beauty


Luxury Lifestyle Brands



Jewelry & Fashion Brands

Interior Designers

Health & Mindset Coaches





Boutique Hotels & Resorts

Brand Photographers

Lifestyle Influencers

I take a diffrent approach

Visual Escapes

I have always obbsessed of the look and feel of, well, everything. I often approach a branding project chasing a feeling that ignites the sences and evokes emotion. Design is a powerful tool for creating a captivating and compelling story.

I design brand identities and websites that allow for room to breathe when the others are loud and fussy. My designs are simple yet significant, strategic yet emotive. 

I’m inspired by my travels, the seasons, and the people I meet.

I'm all about...

“Knowing what to do away with yet keeping a sense of purpose and beauty without compromising functionality takes understanding, careful consideration, and planning.”


Brand designer & Creative director

Kate graduated in art and design in 2010. Shortly after she moved to Southeast Asia and established her own design studio working for some of the most luxurious island resorts and wellness brands as a designer and consultant. Fast-forward 10 years later and she returned back to the UK where Kate relocated her studio continuing to work with feel-good, do-good brands worldwide.

What I love
Matcha + meditation

Morning Ritual

Drink water, stretch, self care rituals

Evening ritual

Walking my dog + yoga

How I move

Bohemian Sunets + chilled vibes

Dream vacation

Natural skincare

Current Obsession

How I help my clients


Captivate and convert with my bespoke brand design packages. Designed to add depth, style, and story to your business. 

A day with me

My brand clarity sessions are designed to help you get clear on what your business’s vision, values, voice, and visuals need. 

The Brand Spa

Semi-custom brands to workbooks – All designed for big dreamers with small budgets.

Your vision, your story, your style

Work with me

To take your business to a whole new height and explore working with me please fill out my online questionnaire.