Branding & Web Services for Small Businesses

I help you to build a brand that’s loved to help you grow with strength, confidence and style.

“Kate has just refreshed my branding and has totally nailed it! I can’t stop looking at it all! Kate, honestly you have totally nailed this.  I absolutely LOVE it!”

Claire Causton, Personal Stylist

I Work With Visionaries

I work with small businesses and solo entrepreneurs that have big dreams.

You’re a visionary which means your business needs more than just a logo and pretty website… it needs a heart and a soul to become something loveable and relatable. You know it’s time you set your business apart from the rest and create an unshakeable experience.

Florist business owner
Kate Male Brand Designer

My Calm & Considered Approach

I provide a design experience that’s relaxed, considered and enjoyable; not hard and fast design. My branding process is an intensive and comprehensive approach, that’s why I only take on a limited number of projects a year to give me and my clients the time that’s needed.

I'm In it For The Long Haul

Your success is my success. I wouldn’t be where I am today without working with some amazingly inspirational people and together we’ve made a great team. I’m there every step of the way to help you make the right decisions for you and your business, giving you a plan with actionable steps to help you to grow to the next level and charge what you’re worth.
My design client taking a photo

``Wow! Where do I start! Kate went above and beyond to achieve my vision for my website. Let’s just say you won’t be getting rid of me any time soon I’m your client for life. You're the best!``

Elizabeth H. Salon Owner

Let's Grab A Virtual Coffee...

If you’ve got big dreams that makes two of us. I provide a design experience that’s is relaxed, considered and enjoyable; not hard and fast design. My branding method is an intensive and comprehensive process, that’s why I only take on a limited number of projects from established small businesses to funded/seeded start-ups a year to give me and my clients the time that’s needed.

If you have a smaller project please do get in touch to see how I can help.

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Let's grab a coffee

My Process

The Branding Experience

Brand Meeting and consultation

Once we’ve decided we’d make a great team, it’s time for me to diagnose the problem to ensure you and discuss your needs and the needs of the business. Here we’ll have a deep dive session which lasts 60min. Here we will discuss:

  • Assess your current branding across all touchpoints
  • Assess your most loyal and profitable client base
  • Reviewing your core values
  • Perceptions of your current brand
  • Goals & dreams for your business
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When designing a brand, I’m building the soul for your business. Something people can connect with and relate to (a pretty logo just won’t cut it in this day and age). Read more about my design strategy here. The next stage will be for me to take the information I learned in our last meeting and build a strategy specifically designed to make your business loveable, enchanting, and more profitable leaving you to focus on what you do best.

Logo design process | Kate Male Logo Design

Now your business has a soul that your dream clientele can’t help but fall in love with, we’re ready to give it a face. One that will captivate and stop people in their tracks. No one can resist a pretty face! At this stage, I will design all aspects of your branding from logos to colour palettes to brand photography and patterns. Every aspect of the look and feel of your brand will be consistent across all touchpoints of your brand.

Brand Launch

At the final stage of its time to introduce your brand to the world. I will give you training on how to use your brand and I will provide you with a brand guidelines document that will be everything your brand embodies and how to get the most out of it. Your business now has a head and heart. It stands for something and is a silent partner that’s by your side helping you grow your business and survive and thrive in business.

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