Natalie Day women's yoga and fitness business card design

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Natalie Day is a certified health and wellness coach, and yoga teacher based in Essex, UK. She stands for more than just health and wellness, her passion and drive for putting her clients at the forefront of her coaching, and her strong belief that everyone deserves to glow from within make her a stella choice for busy mum’s and women who want to be guided through their wellness journey. She takes women’s health and wellness to a whole new level and offers an experience that feels premium, luxury and personal.

Natalie Day is a personal brand that centers on approachability and wellbeing. I wanted to extend the experience of working with Natalie to be consistent and personable across all touch-points of the brand from the website, to socials and printed material. I wanted to make her clients feel empowered and supported as they glow into a healthier happier version of themselves.

I drew inspiration from Natalie’s warm and calm persona to truly connect to her dream audience (established during the brand strategy meeting). I wanted to create something fresh, modern, and high-end, so a hand-scripted logo, with warm tones running through glowy brand photography felt perfect. Since Natalie is all about glowing and guiding, the submark incorporates the glow of the sun depicted as a compass that guides. The pattern conveys the brand’s modern luxury style, as well as her love for geometric patterns. The Colour palette is filled with winter hues balanced with nudes to give a modern luxe feel. The overall balance of the bright, light brand photography, geometric patterns, and hand lettered logo evokes a sense of balance in life, belonging, and renewal.


“This has been a dream of mine for so many years and as soon as I saw the designs Kate sent over I fell in love with them (I actully teared up)! She is so helpful and I felt like I had a partner as well as a designer alongside me. She is a fountain of knowlage when it comes to starting a business and building a brand.”

Natalie Day
Natalie Day - Yoga
Natalie Day - Yoga
Natalie Day women's yoga and fitness business card design
Natalie Day - Yoga

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