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10 Strategies for Launching A Wellness Brand in 2023

How to launch a wellness brand 2023
10 Strategies for Launching A Wellness Brand in 2023

If you’re new to entrepreneurship, congratulations on taking your first steps toward owning a purpose-driven brand (and lifestyle) of your dreams. When starting out, it can feel exciting but also slightly overwhelming. Building and maintaining a brand is not always for the faint-hearted. Just like anything worth doing (and doing well), it requires nurturing. Your brand visuals are just the tip of the iceberg, but to own a distinctive and iconic wellness brand that people love, requires more than just a logo and colour palette. In this article, I want to share what it takes to launch a wellness brand that inspires and motivates you and your audience, and gets you growing faster.

What is a wellness brand?

A wellness brand is any business that has an emphasis on the health and well-being of people. This includes beauty, nutrition, skincare, fitness, and mental health, including some fashion brands. As a wellness brand, you stand for more than what you sell. You sell a particular lifestyle with products and/or services to support a healthy, happy, balanced lifestyle. A wellness brand should inspire, influence, and motivate others to be the best version of themselves.

What is branding?

In a nutshell, branding is storytelling. It’s all about connecting and captivating the right people. Branding is a long-term strategy, while marketing and sales are short-term strategies (as they can change and adapt). Your brand strategy is designed to stay consistent with the goal of building, trust, and loyalty. However, they should all share an end goal.

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1. A rock-solid brand strategy

One of the biggest misconceptions about branding is that it’s just the visuals of a business, but this is NOT TRUE. The most successful brands know this and will invest in a brand strategy that gets them to their goals faster than without.

A distinctive and iconic wellness brand stands for more. You should have a purpose, why does it all matter? It should say something about who you are as a business, and it should say something about who your audience is or at least who they want to be. Iconic wellness brands such as Lululemon, and Jones Road, and even wellness resorts such as Syntopia use their logo as a badge of honour. Brands are a sense of self, identity, and community. Your wellness brand needs to reflect the lifestyle you’re selling and your strategy should consist of the following foundations:

  • Purpose
  • Brand story
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Audience
  • Values

2. Brand visuals that captivate

Plain and simple, visuals do matter. We are attracted to things that are aesthetically pleasing. Shallow I know but true. As a wellness business, your aesthetics will speak volumes about you. A professional-looking brand will magnetize the right people straight to you, give you confidence, and guide you as you grow. As I mentioned before you’re selling a lifestyle. What does that look like? How should your muse feel? What energy are you trying to capture in your identity?

As a start up your brand identity doesn’t have to cost you thousands, in all honesty, I would advice against spending thousands as it’s likely you’re business will evolve the most in those first few years. For those with smaller budgets you could opt for a semi-custom premade brand kit. These are designed to give you everything you need to get started as a distinctive and stylish brand but also put you on the map.

3. Cultivating a lifestyle concept

I’m going to presume you already have a concept for your wellness business with a product or service. If not, you may need to ask yourself why you want to start a wellness business. If you are just in it for the potential to make a lot of money you won’t get very far (especially if you’re starting from scratch). In other words, what’s your spin on it all? What lifestyle are you trying to sell? What brand experience are you trying to capture? How do you want each visitor, customer, client, or passerby to feel? What should they leave wanting more of?

4. Brand transparency

One of the reasons the wellness industry can be a tricky terrain to navigate is its years of baggage. There’s a lot of stigma associated with the wellness space. Largely due to years of pseudoscience, false claims, and image trends that have done more harm than good. This stretches across all sectors (beauty, fitness, nutrition, and skincare). The modern consumer is savvy, and it takes a lot more effort to get them to part with their time and money, so always be mindful to not feed into the trends and always fact-check what you put out.

We live in an age of a need for truth! 86% of shoppers prefer an authentic and honest brand personality. Your audience is going to take to social media to learn about you, so make sure your (authentic) self is just as prominent there as it is on your website or packaging.

5. Brand values for people and planet

One of the lifestyles associated with the wellness industry is the rise of clean living (and it continues to grow at an exponential rate). It’s about taking a more active and mindful approach to one’s impact on themselves and the planet by eating healthy and using products that are natural and toxic-free.

Brand values play a huge part in who you are as a wellness brand. Stong brand values give your business purpose and they’re why anyone should care. It’s surveyed that 13% of consumers would pay up to 50% more for brands that are ‘clean’ and do good for people and the planet.

Your values should align to both your own and your audience’s to truly connect. With the growing rise of mindful, clean, and inclusive living, consumers are demanding wellness brands be responsible and are holding them accountable for their actions, ingredients, and footprint.

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6. Always have a launch strategy

A launch strategy is separate from your short and long-term marketing plan. A launch strategy can be for the launch of your brand, website, and a new product, or service. It’s your key to flight or flop. I always recommend starting your launch strategy 2 months prior to launch (any longer and people will just lose interest). This will give you time to build excitement and anticipation when it comes to going live.

When launching content is king! It helps you establish your expertise, credibility, trust, and authority on what you do best.

7. Build your email marketing list

Your email list should be one of your top priorities. A list of people willing to share their data with you shows they are already interested in what you’re putting down and when it comes to launch day you have a highly engaged audience. Here are some ways:

  • Share a checklist on living a healthy balanced lifestyle.
  • Entice signups with exclusive content.
  • Hold an online launch party.
  • Host a webinar/workshop

8. User-generated content

People are likely going to check you out on your social channels and what others say about you. I always encourage accommodating at least 10-20% of gifting your products or services in exchange for a review/testimonials. You don’t have to have Kim Kardashian on the books but start small and local, and build upwards from there. Word of mouth is always the best form of marketing. Build up to micro-influencers and leapfrog on other brands in your sphere.

9. Tech-savvy health & wellness brands

More and more consumers are looking for online experiences that help them look good, feel good, and help them do good. Your brand needs to capture and create an inspiring and immersive online experience that makes them feel like they are getting the real thing. From cosmetics becoming more of a personalised and virtual experience, to exclusive online yoga studios. It’s time you amp up your digital strategy and find ways of making technology work for you. Your website can be a really powerful tool to help you do this. Speak to your web developer to brainstorm ways to bring your brand experience online.

10. Craft an online immersive brand experience

Which leads me neatly onto crafting your online brand experience. It needs to captivate and immerse them in ‘your world’ help them visualise their dream coming true and leave them wanting more. In order to be a positive experience all-round, it needs to be as functional as it is stunning. This is where knowing your short and long terms goals for your business will come into play. How does your website play a role in you achieving your goals?  How will it help you run your business better? What features will it need for you to do this? Will it need a booking page? Will it need to be an eCommerce website? Have a virtual consultation service? A virtual try-on feature for your cosmetics?

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You won’t find hard and fast approaches with short-term results, instead I layout the actions you need to take to nurture your wellness business for sustainable success.

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How much is the wellness industry worth?

The wellness is one of the toughest most competitive markets to navigate with a value worth £2.8 trillion worldwide (at the time of writing this article). In total, the average Brit spends £104.40 a month on wellness products and services – amounting to £1,252.80 every year, with a lifetime spend of £101,476.80. And you most definitely can have a healthy slice of the pie

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