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5 Creative Ways Your Brand Can Celebrate the Festive Season in Style and Spirit

Kate Male Brand Designer

With pumpkin-spiced lattes in hand, fairy lights hanging in every corner and woolly jumpers at the ready, it’s not only a time for hunkering down and getting cosy at home but it’s also a golden opportunity for any brand to connect and captivate their audience in a more personal and engaging way. Whether you’re a small startup or a well-established business, the festive season can add a new dimension to your brand’s story. Here’s how your brand can celebrate the festive season this year.

1. A Seasonal Spirit in Your Brand’s Photography

The festive season is visually distinctive. Whether you’re a service-based business or product-based, investing in beautifully shot and styled brand photography that captures you and your brand in the festive season will help you create content and see you through to the end of the season. A good brand photographer and stylist team will help you create a storyboard of images that represent your brand’s core visuals, but expertly capture how your brand should be showing up.

Below is a shoot I styled with my bestie photographer friend Hiral Jethwa for our client Dainty London, to give you an idea about how we captured her brand’s costal aesthetic, during the festive season.

2. Personalise Your Brand Experience

Personalisation can make your customers feel extra special during the festive season. Tailor your emails, offers, and recommendations based on their past interactions with your brand. A personal approach shows customers that you value and understand them. I always recommend to my product-based clients to include a little note in their festive order to make them feel extra special and valued. For my service-based clients, I often suggest sending a branded greeting card or small give to thank them for their support throughout the year. Remember a little goes a long way.

Below is a little gif I created for my emails.

5 Creative Ways Your Brand Can Celebrate the Festive Season in Style and Spirit

3. Offer Special Promotions or Products

The festive season is synonymous with shopping and gifts. Capitalise on this by offering special promotions, discounts, or limited-edition products. This not only boosts sales but also makes your brand part of your customers’ holiday celebrations and experiences.

4. It’s a time for Reflection

This time of year is rich in emotions. Does your brand evoke feelings of joy, nostalgia, or a sense of community? Tailor your content and campaigns to elicit these emotions, creating a deeper engagement with your audience. I always make it a point that at the end of every year, I sign off with a candid email I send to all my subscribers and clients, where I share how my year went and what I hope to achieve next year and sign off wishing them love, joy and health for the new year.

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5. It’s a time to give back

The festive season often highlights themes of kindness and giving back. Show your audience how your brand contributes positively to society, be it through sustainable practices, charitable contributions to homelessness, animal charities, or community support. This not only bolsters your brand image but also resonates with those who value brands with a heart.

I like to donate to the Peoples Trust for Endangered Species. This year I plan to donate to the Hazel Dormouse as they are endangered and on the brink of extinction in the UK.

More creative ways to celebrate the season, you may not have thought of…

  • Host a Virtual Festive Event: Organise an online event like a holiday-themed webinar, live Q&A, or a virtual party!
  • Collaborate for a Cause: Partner with a charity, local community group or fellow business friend for a festive-themed fundraising event, demonstrating social responsibility and community involvement. This is always a great idea for brand awareness too!
  • Seasonal Blog or Video Series: Share a series of festive-themed blog posts or videos, offering tips, industry insights, or showcasing how your product or service can enhance the festive season. This is also great for SEO!
  • Festive Packaging or Product Line: Introduce limited-edition festive packaging or a special holiday product line that aligns with the season’s spirit.
  • Gift Guides or Recommendations: Curate festive gift guides featuring your products or services, tailored to different customer segments.

Above all

Your brand should maintain a consistent voice and message across all platforms. Whether it’s in-store, on your website, or across social media channels, ensure that your festive messaging aligns with your brand’s core values and overall narrative. As with all well-designed brand identities, use your core brand pillars, visuals and values as a cornerstone to keep consistent in who you are and what you stand for.

Kate Male Brand Designer & Creative Director based in London

About Kate

Kate is a brand designer and creative director based in London. She works with wellness, lifestyle, and beauty brands who want to tell their story with depth, and style.


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