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5 Things Direct-to-Consumer Beauty and Wellness Startups do for a Successful Launch

5 Things Direct-to-Consumer Beauty and Wellness Startups do for a Successful Launch

With the rise of Instagram in 2010, high streets and shopping centres, once the epitome of youth shopping culture, have seen a decline. As glossy prints wane and social media emerges as the prime source of inspiration, traditional beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brands, many of which expanded their physical footprints significantly in the past decade, […]

Greenwashing & How to navigate the stigma as a small beauty brand

Greenwashing in the beauty industry

In light of April being the most sustainably conscious month of the year, thanks to World Earth Day (22nd April 2023), the terms green, natural, organic, and clean are relatively unregulated and have been overused by big beauty brands to make misleading claims and confuse environmentally conscious consumers, as a result, these terms once used […]

4 Reasons to hire a Brand Designer as a Small Business

Kate Male Brand designer and creative director in London

We all have our own skill sets. Heck! I’m by no means a yoga guru despite my hours spent on the mat! That’s why hiring a professional brand designer will actually save you time and money in the long run. Hiring a great designer is essential when it comes to catapulting to success; we’re trained […]

How to Create a Vision Board That Actually Works

Kate Male Wabi sabi Designer

Our sense of purpose gives us direction and shapes our environments. Since starting my business three years ago I have always created a vision board to keep me motivated in life and work, and to remind me of what it’s all for. The idea of vision boarding is – If I can see it I […]

How much should you be paying for bespoke branding?

bespoke branding by Kate Male

How much should you be paying for bespoke branding? I’m going to prefix this by saying – This is a tricky question to answer and completely depends on where, who, and what your budget is. Your brand is the head, heart, and soul of your business. A brand good designer will work with you to […]

The Value of Branding & What It Can Actually Do for Your Business

The Value of Branding for small businesses

When it comes to branding many people often settle for just a logo and a colour palette. But honestly, visuals are just the tip of the branding iceberg. In this article, I’ll explain the value of branding and what it can actually do for your business and help you reach your goals faster. If you […]

What Is Branding And Do I Need It As A Small Business?

branding design for rebox luxury wellness subscription box

Branding can be one of the single most important investments you’ll make in starting a business. As a brand designer, of course, I’d say, this, but the truth is, it’s tough out there. When building a wellness business it’s important to connect with the right people, stay consistent in your message, and (for yourself as […]

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