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How much should you be paying for bespoke branding?

bespoke branding by Kate Male

How much should you be paying for bespoke branding? I’m going to prefix this by saying – This is a tricky question to answer and completely depends on where, who, and what your budget is.

Your brand is the head, heart, and soul of your business. A brand good designer will work with you to design a custom brand identity that can connects and captivates your ideal audience, which can translate to, higher sales, higher profit and better retention of your clients. So rather than thinking of it as a cost, think of it as an investment into the success and longevity of your business.

An approximate investment can range depending on the designer. My stance is hiring a pro will actually cost you less in the long run and potentially increase your revenue faster than DIY-ing it or opting for a freelance marketplace.

An experienced brand consultant & designer will charge from £1’500+ depending on how experienced they are.

But prices can reach as high as  £10’000 or even £20’000 if you choose an agency.

Kate Male Brand Identity designer

Choosing the right designer for you

For most small businesses a freelancer/consultant will be the preferred option. Making sure you choose someone whose niche aligns with your industry is what you’re aiming for. For example, as a brand consultant & designer, my niche is in health, wellness and lifestyle. I know a lot of people in that industry and my years of experience and knowledge working in this industry allows me to accurately position my clients in this space.

Do your research before diving in and committing. Read my post on 6 Basic Things You Need to Do Before Working with A Brand Designer

What goes into Designing a Successful Brand?

Market ResearchUnderstand the market & who your competitors are.
Brand Discovery & StrategyThis stage is about establishing your target audience and what their fears, desires, wants & needs are. It is also defining your goals, values &  telling your story ‘why’.
Brand Design & StylingLogo design, tone of voice, colour palette, photography style as well as a number of ancillary design decisions and accompanying media.
Website DesignMaking sure your online presence aligns with all the previous stages to spark action.
Brand GuidelinesA document that you and your team can always refer back to for clarity and audience on the brand and keep on track with future media and projects.
LaunchOnce all aspects of the brand are refined or re-developed its time to create hype around your brand and celebrate its launch.

There’s a lot that goes into creating an irresistible brand. A good designer will always work closely with you to understand your business inside-out, to achieve the most effective results, and to weave a sustainable strategy into its framework.

What not to pay for bespoke branding

Remember, as with all things in life you get what you pay for. I often have people say to me ‘But I’ve found someone who will design me a logo and colour palette for £100.‘ or ‘I can buy a logo for £5!’ And my response is usually ‘If that’s what you feel your business is worth I think that’s a great deal and you should go for it, just make sure you are getting everything you need before making the decision. More often than not they choose to work with me just for peace of mind. (Honestly, my days of trying to convince people of where they should spend their money is over ?).

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I love helping people look, sound and feel confident in their business and believe that every wellness and lifestyle entrepreneur deserves a brand that empowers them to be the best. I want to help entrepreneurs run their business without competing for sales (because we’re not all natural-born salesmen/women) and thrive in their space.

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Kate Male Brand Designer & Creative Director based in London

About Kate

Kate is a brand designer and creative director based in London. She works with wellness, lifestyle, and beauty brands who want to tell their story with depth, and style.


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